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Friendly advice. Sometimes you have to refrain yourself of scolding him about your relationship. Let’s admit that there’s no perfect relationship. Everything has its own flaws. And too much arguments can derail you both. I’m not saying not to voice out but refrain or make it smooth. Because you know, you are the one who’s making him not to like you and stay far away from you….. And true, it’s not always the guy’s fault.

When you over think in a day your physical body tends to get tired. You feel weak and you feel sleepy. It feels like your holding all the burden in this world. You sigh a lot. Your stress level is too high, oh not too high but overflowing. You only noticing cramps in your body and forgets everything that surrounds you. You feel angry and at the same time sad and the worst part, you have this desire to kill yourself just to get rid of the pain.

And I can say that over thinking can really kill you and I am experiencing this and I just want to share my self-observation.

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There are things that you don’t have to tell the world. Suppressed that urge to post. You’re so showy to the point that you’re annoying and you’re turning off the people who want to approach you.

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If you fight like a married couple, talk like best friends, flirt like first lovers and protect each other like siblings, then you know you are meant to be.

When will I find someone who can be my “friends with benefits”? Honestly, I’m open to that. You both can act like in relationship but no commitment and it’s not an issue for you two doing the couple thing like kissing, hugging , cuddling and maybe sexing. I do hope that there is a kind of person who do this just for enjoyment, living their life at its worst and best and you know, “yolo~!”

Haayy. Maybe I’m just frustrated to experience it.

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Oh Mariz

I think Mariz did a right decision to chose Nichole. Is it still a friendship when you value your friend so much that you almost forgot yourself? And given the situation that you’re isolated and you’ve just known her for 3 weeks and you still don’t know everything about her. After all it is a competition and one must be out and one must stay, that’s the game. Girl you are in survival mode.

And how does this reflect us? This maybe one of filipino’s problem. They easily give their trust to others and they can easily earn the trust, some in just a matter of hours or days and end up deceived. Budol-budol gang, fake recruiters, tumakas na yaya at yung mga nananakawan are many of examples.

I’m not saying that Loisa is bad ha. It’s just that put yourself first.

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I wanted to be like you. I wanted to surpass you. I wanted so much everything from you. You are my inspiration and I don’t know how to be like you. I don’t know the story behind your success but really, I do admire you whatever negative vibes surrounds you. I want to be your friend just to be like you. 

I hope someday I will see you even if just a glance. One thing for sure, I really like you.

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I’m so isolated that I’m afraid to go out in my comfort zone. And what’s worse is that I know my situation but I’m not doing anything. It keeps getting harder. I want my life to change in just a snap. I fucking hate this realization.

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I have high expectations for someone I look up to but when I gradually know them along the way, some of these expectations really disappoint me."Hindi naman pala sya ganito, hindi naman pala sya ganyan". That kind of regret expression.

People sometimes over label someone they idolize. So it’s better to observe first…, and doubting someone’s ability is a right gesture.

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I love conversations that started from work, romance, gossip, showbiz and later on it went to many different genres including science, religion, views in life and suddenly became so serious to the point that you empathize them. That’s the conversation I can relate not those puro kiligan lang, nakakaumay.

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Recently, I posted here that I’m scared of hospital. But 3 days ago, a nightmare happened and I had to rush my mom because she was food poisoned. She vomit a lot plus diarrhea plus she’s sweating and weak. Who can’t take seeing your mom suffering like that?

And yes, I was able to conquer my fear. Though it’s really unusual that I’m scared of hospital. You really have to think wise, quick and attentive when you’re in a situation like this.

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I’m so depressed right now. I reformat my drive C because it is corrupt. But I failed to transfer my music files in drive D which is my backup drive. I lost all of them. I have about 20 gigs of musics ranging from opm, kpop, classics, modern, pops and everything. I’ve been downloading songs since 2011 and they piled up in my music folders and they are one of my precious data in desktop.

I feel so very sad because I was able to save movies, games and pictures but not the musics. I’m staring at the wall realizing how much mp3’s I lost. I can’t download all of them back in just 1 day or 1 week or even a month. I hope I can move on.

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Think before you make a decision.

Think whats worst and better when you choose between your decisions. Think of the future as much as possible, future scenarios that maybe will happen if you make that decision. Don’t let just say “bahala na” or “kahit ano na lang” because in the end you will regret it. It’s not being scared, you’re just doing what is the right thing to do. You just using your intelligence to avoid problems that will complicate the situation. Be wise and  wag magpakatanga.

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I'm a scorpion who loves to daydream and imagine. An aspiring architect and astronaut. I'm always a critique to an issue I want to involved in. As I grow up and learning things, I want to find my happiness, to where I feel I'm satisfied.

This blog is anything.

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