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I sometimes get jealous when I see someone younger than me already had a child. I want a family but not in this current state.. I can’t afford myself how much more if I have a family. But it made me realize that teenager today really has a high level of sexual drive…, to be able to do premarital sex. 

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I thought grandma died not to grieve her but to celebrate her life. I always have that kind of perspective when someone die. Of course there is sorrow and longingness, but if you asked them spiritually, they don’t want you to cry. I may not be so close to my grandma as to my cousins but in 2 years we’ve been near to her, our bond got glued and I have so many many plans on how to make her house look gorgeous. But time really tell. She already expected to die but not in an unxpected and as soon as this. I know you’re in heaven Nay and please guide your daughters and apo’s to have better life. :)

We’ve been through a lot just this quarter of the year and please no more lives to be loss.

scanned my hand… looks nice. :P

scanned my hand… looks nice. :P

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please don’t ask me why i do the things i do 


This is the absolute best oh my god

the wall shook. is he really that powerful or that wall is made of wood.

that kid!

that kid!

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Our Cosmic Address

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Most of the children today prefer to play computer games than playing outdoor games. Hinding hindi na mararanasan ng future generation kung gaano kasaya ang maglaro sa labas.

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I can really guess what’s the person’s feeling. There are many times I proved it. Sometimes I don’t believe to myself but everytime I disregard, it become true. I’m not the type who cares other people or strangers feelings unless they’re my family or a part of my life. It’s just that I know how and what they feel.

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There are times I realized how unfortunate those people who deal the lost of their loved ones. I’m thankful enough for my family but for those who’s suffering, getting depressed and shocked, I feel so sorry for them. And I’m scared. I don’t wanna feel that. And I always question myself, “What am I gonna do if that happens to me?”

Life is a fragile thing. Every seconds you do, it matters. You’re writing your own life. The same also on how you interact with people around you. You’re getting part of them and you should be aware enough to make their life safe and secure. 

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Imagine the scale of finding an exoplanet. Astronaut are just talking about in our own Milky Way galaxy that is similar to Earth and how much more there is in other billions of Galaxy out there! Wow!

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Maybe he finally moved on on what happened but I still want to comfort him. The movie was just so heartbreaking that even now I still feel devastated. Like he shoot me right through my heart and it keeps bleeding.


And then he acknowledged my tweet. Its a fulfillment to my indescribable questions after I watched it. I’m just so glad I found this documentary movie. Bridegroom is the title.

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I do admit sometimes I’m jealous to people with relationship. Especially when you are in friend zone. But I’m not the type of person who easily influenced because of peer pressure. It doesn’t mean that when they are in relationship, you should have too. We all have different principle in love.

What I mean to say is, don’t feel that your loveless if your now in twenty’s. There’s a lot of things you can do other than that. Like they say, “it will come at the right time.” It’s more profound to say “You’re my first and last” than “I had many before you.”

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Jovit Ruiz. 20. Bohol.

"an amateur in all profession."

I'm a scorpion who loves to daydream and imagine. An aspiring architect and astronaut. I'm always a critique to an issue I want to involved in. As I grow up and learning things, I want to find my happiness, to where I feel I'm satisfied.

This blog is much more of my life, my sentiments and my masterpieces of everykind.

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